Welcome to my astrophotography site! My name is Reed and I love astrophotograhpy. I live in central Wyoming where the conditions are generally great for taking photos of the night sky, save the wind!

It took me a long time and months of research to even get started in astrophotography. It can be a very expensive endeavor so I wanted to make sure I avoided as many costly mistakes as possible. It then occurred to me that others may have the same thoughts so I made this simple little site to help anyone that is interested in astrophotography find some hints and links to useful equipment. That way anyone can get started quickly, capturing beautiful pictures of the night sky, without making mistakes or wasting months searching the internet for information!

I use two different set ups for taking astrophotos. I either use my iPhone 6 or my Canon t7i DSLR. Check out my¬† iPhone Method page and/or my DSLR Method page depending on which type of photography you’re interested in. They are pretty similar but have some specific tips and differences based on your camera choice.

I also have an equipment page with short descriptions of what I use and why I use it along with links to sites where you can read more about the equipment and purchase certain items. So thanks for visiting and I hope you find some helpful things here!