NGC 2903: Deep Sky Photo with the iPhone 6


NGC 2903 taken with an iPhone! NGC 2903 is 30 million light years away and found in the constellation Leo.

This is the most difficult deep sky photo that I’ve taken with my iPhone to date. This was taken in town in an urban area on the Bortle scale so the sky was quite bright! It was also very windy constantly blowing about 25 miles an hour, so I tried to build a wind block for my telescope and had some success. I took about 45 minutes worth of 30 second exposures which gave me 90 frames to work with. And in the end I could only use 12 frames to stack. A lot of that had to do with the wind, and of course the other part of it was due to my mount.

Details –

Celestron Nexstar 8SE

Televue 20mm Plossl

Celestron F/6.3 focal reducer

iPhone 6

Orion Steadypix Adapter

Night Cap Pro App

ISO – 8000

Exposure – 30 seconds

Frames – 12 frames stacked

Stacked in Nebulosity 4

Processed in Pixinsight


2 thoughts on “NGC 2903: Deep Sky Photo with the iPhone 6”

    1. Thank you very much! It turned out pretty cool. But yes through the scope it just looked like a faint fuzzy blob especially being in town with so much light pollution! I couldn’t see any detail or color. The longer exposure times and stacking sure make a difference!

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