About Reed Rudkin

My name is Reed Rudkin and I have recently delved into the exciting, challenging world of astrophotography. For now, I’ve decided to use the excellent scope I have in the Celestron Nexstar 8SE and stick with my iPhone 6 for photos. It’s much cheaper than buying a dedicated astrophotography camera  but it certainly makes it more challenging. My pictures don’t look like those that others take with powerful DSLRs or CCD cameras. I find it quite fulfilling, however, to capture these images, that I think, most people don’t even know you can capture with a lowly iPhone camera. I hope this blog is interesting to people and helps push the limits of these cameras that, it seems like, we almost all have in our pockets.

I live in Central Wyoming where the skies are quite often clear, and at 5,500 feet of elevation there’s less air in the way to block out the stars than other places. It’s also quite often breezy and not a very populous state, so we don’t have smog to get in the way of the beautiful views either. Finally, being an arid climate there’s very little moisture in the air. So all in all it’s a great place for astronomy and astrophotography!

Again, I’m just starting out in astrophotography and have found there is quite a lot of information to wrap the mind around in order and do things well (or even keep from getting frustrated). I wanted to start this blog to be a place to keep all of the helpful information I’ve gathered in one, easy to access location. I also hope that it helps others speed up the learning curve and start enjoying fantastic views or snapping great astrophotos!